Profiting on Property



You say you want to invest in real estate...

Profiting On Property offers a free introductory class on the many options investors have when buying into the real estate market.


Flipping homes

Does it seem like everyone has their hands in the "flipping" market? Renovating and adding resale value to a property can be a fantastic way to make money in the real estate market. It can also be a quick way to get in way over your head if you don't have a solid plan.


vacation rentals

Is it possible to pay off your own vacation cabin by renting it out when you're not there? It is if you know what you're doing! If your real estate portfolio plan includes vacation rentals, you'll need to take several criteria into consideration when evaluating a potential property.


Rental property

From duplexes to single-family split levels... condos to multi-unit buildings... executive homes to townhouses... long-term rental units can add great value to your bottom line. But what makes an ideal rental property? And what do you need to know before making an offer?