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joe pannkuk

Joe Pannkuk began investing in real estate back in 2000. Since then he's seen every aspect of the industry from new construction to renovations, and real estate sales to mortgage origination.  Real estate investing runs in the family. As a kid growing up in the Lakeville area, he painted rental houses that his grandfather owned over his summer breaks. His current real estate portfolio includes long-term rentals and vacation rentals with an occasional renovation project (or what the TV shows call "flips.") He has a passion for educating people about real estate, especially what really happens behind the scenes. Joe lives in Lakeville with his wife, Caarin and two daughters. He's a volunteer at the Lakeville Fire  Department and works as a Branch Manager/Loan Officer at American Mortgage & Equity Consultants.

peggy lovejoy 

Peggy Lovejoy has spent the past forty years buying, renting, renovating and selling hundreds of properties. She's not your average real estate investor and spends a lot of time thinking  outside the box. Buying at auction, purchasing foreign properties and taking advantage of 1031 exchanges have provided her with unique experiences and a savvy knowledge of real estate taxes. From buying her first house at age seventeen to her current portfolio  of over one-hundred properties, Peggy has weathered many cycles in the market. "As long as the numbers make sense" she's always on the lookout for her next investment.

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jeff nycklemoe

Jeff Nycklemoe founded Gibraltar Title in 1994 and with a staff of fifteen, they offer title insurance and closing services to lenders and owners of residential and commercial properties throughout the state of Minnesota. He grew up in Richfield and graduated from the University of Minnesota then attended William Mitchell College of Law. He has been a licensed attorney since 1983.  He spent four years in private practice before entering the title insurance industry, spending several years working with commercial title insurance for a national underwriter before founding Gibraltar Title.  He has structured many 1031 Exchanges, and numerous transactions with foreclosed and other financially distressed properties.  Jeff learned early in his career that he would rather help structure a transaction beneficial to all, than to argue in court, so a real property law and title insurance practice was perfect.